A New Era of Pet Nutrition

Our pets are our best friends. To ensure they lead the healthiest of lives, we created easy, nutritious solutions that are all-natural, science-backed and pain & fuss-free for you and your furry friends to rely on.

Natural Ingredients

Preservative free. The natural goodness your pet needs.

Vet Recommended

Our products are approved by vets. Your pet is in safe hands.

Easy To Use

Peel, place, dissolve as quick as 1,2,3.

Fast & Effective

Starts absorption within seconds. Minimum dosage for maximum impact.

Why We Exist

If you’ve ever had a pet you too have suffered through the misery of trying to administer medication and traditional supplements. The game of wit that ends in betrayal, discomfort and exhaustion. No more.

So, for the love of pets (and the pet owners’ comfort) we’ve introduced tasty nutritional treats that are...

100% EFFECTIVE · 100% NATURAL · 100% YUMMY


FurlicksTM oral strips rapidly dissolve into effective nutrition through enhanced absorption.

With the advanced technology of nanoscience and natural, these supplements are designed to give your pet the health boost they need and start working almost immediately after administration.

How To Use





“I remember feeding capsules to my dog in sausages. I also remember the look he would give me when he would finally taste the capsule – utter betrayal and horror. We both are finally working through our issues with these melt strips.”

Tyson’s Relieved Mom

“I had a dream – that one day I would be able to feed my pet nutrition and it would be a treat for her. That dream is now true. Elsa loves it just as much as meat!”

Elsa’s Happy Dad

“As Rocco matures, the stairs at home have become a little more challenging. Now, with the joint protection he gets from these supplements, I’ve already noticed a positive change in his pace.”

Rocco’s Furfamily

Glad to finally move on from reverse psychology and secret ways to get meds in. Luna and I are on good terms again.”

Luna’s Furfamily

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