Fresh Breath Supplements

Spearmint Flavor

All natural, complete oral care for long-lasting fresh breath for your furry friends.

  • 30 strips (Pack of 1)
  • 60 strips (Pack of 2)
  • 90 strips (Pack of 3)
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Guaranteed Analysis per Strip (45 mg): Crude protein min 0.01%, Crude fat min 0.01%, Crude fiber max 0.01%, Moisture max 3.00%, Natural spearmint flavor 4mg, Thymol 0.1mg

Other Ingredients: Plant Cellulose, Pullulan, Lecithin


Use as needed, with a maximum of 2 strips a day.

Can be consumed directly or mixed in food or water.


Why Should You Get Fresh Breath Supplements For Pets?

Minty-Fresh Breath

Pet owners enjoy receiving cuddles and kisses as much as their pets enjoy giving them, yet most of the time they are appalled by their pet's breath. Furlicks Fresh Breath quickly eliminates bad breath while protecting their teeth and gums over time for optimal dental health.

Oral Hygiene Support

Plaque and the accumulation of tartar are two major causes of poor oral health. Thymol is highly effective against tartar buildup, potentially preventing dental diseases while promoting healthier gums.


The traditional way of cleaning your pet's mouth and teeth can be quite a challenge; here’s where Fresh Breath supplements come in handy. Since these oral strips dissolve instantly in the mouth, they are more convenient than using a toothbrush.

Antibacterial Activity

The buildup of germs on the teeth is the initial stage of gum disease. The herbs spearmint and thymol have antibacterial properties that have been demonstrated to reduce bacterial growth, particularly those that cause tooth disease.


How often should I use the Fresh Breath product for my pet?

When it comes to daily oral care for dogs and cats, it's best to use these oral strips every day. Use as needed, with a maximum of two strips a day.

Is the oral strip supplement suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs?

Furlicks Fresh Breath Oral Strips are made with only natural, veterinarian-approved ingredients and offer the best care for your cherished pets.

Can the Fresh Breath supplement be used for both dogs and cats?

Yes, these are the best plant-based oral care supplements for all pets.

Is thymol safe for dogs?

Thymol, a naturally occurring compound found in specific plants like thyme, is considered safe for consumption. It is veterinarian approved and added in precise doses, making it an excellent choice for promoting oral health in dogs.

Are oral strips easier to administer than liquids and tablets?

Many pet owners have used Furlicks oral strips for their animals, and none of them have reported any discomfort. Since it dissolves instantly, it eliminates any risk of them spitting it out. Additionally, you can add it to their water or food bowl. It’s easier to carry than liquids, and the taste is way more appealing than tablets.

Can I feed my dog/cat Furlicks Fresh Breath if he is already on medication?

Furlicks Fresh Breath is allergen-free and made with an all-natural formula, so having it along with other medicines shouldn’t cause any issues. Having said that, we urge you to consult your vet before starting the dosage.

Can I stop brushing my dog's or cat’s teeth if I start using Furlicks Fresh Breath?

Brushing their teeth is a crucial part of their oral hygiene process. However, we hardly get a chance to properly clean their teeth. Furlicks Fresh Breath is one of the best oral care products for pets, as it not only improves their breath but also reduces the chances of dental issues.

Can I mix oral strips in my pet’s food?

Furlicks Fresh Breath oral strips can be mixed with wet food or water.

Will Furlicks Fresh Breath cause any side effects?

The all-natural, allergen-free formula is approved by vets, making it safe for dogs of all ages and sizes. However, we insist that you consult your vet before starting a daily dose of these supplements.

Customer Reviews

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Meenal Joshi
"No More Doggie Breath Embarrassment!"

"Fresh Breath Supplements have transformed my dog's breath. Spearmint goodness for fresh breath bliss. Highly recommend for all dog owners!"

Jay Patel
"Fresh Breath Supplements = Doggie Delight!"

"Say goodbye to stinky dog breath with Fresh Breath Supplements! This product is a must-have for any dog owner. Spearmint freshness all the way!"

Divya Prakash
"Skeptical at First, Now I'm a Believer!"

"Fresh Breath Supplements are a real game-changer! My dog's breath has never been fresher, and I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Rahul Tripathi
"Impressive Results, Happy Customer!"

"Spearmint bliss for my pup's breath! Fresh Breath Supplements have become a staple in our home. Highly recommend for any dog owner!"

Anushka Sen
"Say Hello to Freshness!"

"The best investment for fresh doggie kisses! Fresh Breath Supplements have made a significant difference in my dog's breath. Highly satisfied!"