Calming Supplements

Mixed Fruit Flavor

A natural, non-drowsy calming aid with L-Theanine to help nervous, anxious, and aggressive furbabies feel relaxed & comfortable.

  • 30 strips (Pack of 1)
  • 60 strips (Pack of 2)
  • 90 strips (Pack of 3)
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Guaranteed Analysis per Strip (120 mg): Crude protein min 0.01%, Crude fat min 0.01%, Crude fiber max 0.01%, Moisture max 3.00%, L-Theanine 30mg, L-Tryptophan 10mg, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) 10mg, Melatonin 1mg, Vitamin D3 180IU

Other Ingredients: Pullulan, Plant Cellulose, Mixed Fruit Flavor, Lecithin


For small dog breeds or cats - 1 strip once a day 
For medium and large dog breeds - 2 strips per day

Can be consumed directly or mixed in food or water.


Why Should You Get Calming Supplements For Pets?

Reduced Anxiety

If you're looking for the best calming treats for puppies and cats, these supplements are the perfect solution. Calming Oral Strips are designed with ingredients that promote relaxation and help reduce anxiety in pets. This can be particularly helpful in situations that typically cause stress, such as loud noises, travel, or changes in the environment.

Eased Transition Periods

During significant life changes, like moving to a new home or introducing a new pet or family member, pets may experience stress. Ingredients like L-theanine and Tryptophan in calming supplements for dogs and cats can help ease the transition and make the adjustment period more manageable.

Reduced Aggression

Ashwagandha in our Calming supplements for dogs helps you manage hyperactive pets and their frequent mood swings. This may enhance the human-animal bond by creating a more positive and stress-free environment for both the pet and the owner.

Non-Sedative Approach

Unlike other supplements available on the market, Furlicks Calming Supplements for Pets are made from all-natural ingredients. They are designed to promote relaxation without causing drowsiness or lethargy, allowing pets to remain alert and active.


Are oral strips easier to administer than liquids and tablets?

Many pet owners have used Furlicks oral strips for their animals, and none of them have reported any discomfort. Since it dissolves instantly, it eliminates any risk of them spitting it out. Additionally, you can add it to their water or food bowl. It’s easier to carry than liquids, and the taste is way more appealing than tablets.

Can I feed my dog/cat Furlicks Calming if he is already on medication?

Furlicks Calming is allergen-free and made with an all-natural formula, so having it along with other medicines shouldn’t cause any issues. Having said that, we urge you to consult your vet before starting the dosage.

Do I need to give this supplement to my dog every day?

If your dog has been showing symptoms like loss of energy, interest, and social anxiety, you can give them one strip every day. This oral strip can also be used occasionally, for example, before you get them into your car or before you step out of the house for work.

Can I mix oral strips in my pet’s food?

Furlicks Calming Oral Strips can be mixed with wet food and water.

Will Furlicks Calming Oral Strips cause any side effects?

Unlike other calming supplements for dogs and cats, these don't even have a drowsy effect. Moreover, the all-natural, allergen-free formula approved by vets makes it safe for pets of all ages and sizes. However, we insist that you consult your vet before starting a daily dose of these supplements.

How quickly does the Furlicks Calming product take effect?

It takes roughly 20 minutes for the effects of Furlicks Calming Oral Strips for dogs and cats to start working.

Can I use the supplement for occasional anxiety-inducing situations, like fireworks or thunderstorms?

Yes, ingredients like L-theanine, Tryptophan, and Ashwagandha might help improve certain behaviors, caused by stressful situations.

Does the pet supplement have a sedative effect?

No, since it's made with all-natural ingredients, you don't need to worry about drowsiness.

Customer Reviews

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Nikhil Menon
Happy Pet, Happy Owner

My pet's happiness is my happiness, and these supplements have made us both very happy indeed.

Anjali Rao
No More Nerves

No more nerves or anxious behaviors from my furry friend. These supplements have worked wonders for us.

Rohit Verma
Quiet and Calm

Finally, some peace and quiet in my home thanks to these supplements. My dog is so much calmer now.

Priyanka Joshi
Improved Behavior

Improved behavior and reduced anxiety—what more could you ask for? These supplements deliver on their promises.

Aarav Gupta
Fantastic Find

What a fantastic find! These supplements have made such a difference in my dog's behavior.