Tail Wagging Supplements Combo

Keep your pet's breath fresh and support their gut health with our Tail-Wagging combo. Fresh Breath contains vital nutrients to maintain good oral hygiene, while Gut Health has 5 billion CFU of probiotics and enzymes to improve digestion. Great taste and easy delivery of these important ingredients, now keep your pet happy, healthy, and smiling with this combo. 

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Gut Health - Guaranteed Analysis per Strip (110 mg): Crude protein min 0.01%, Crude fat min 0.01%, Crude fiber max 0.01%, Moisture max 3.00%, Bacillus coagulans 5B CFU, Enzymatic Blend (Protease 10mg, Lipase 10 mg, Amylase 5mg) 25 mg, Dill Oil 5mg

Other Ingredients: Pullulan, Plant Cellulose, Mixed berry Flavor, Lecithin.

Fresh Breath - Guaranteed Analysis per Strip (45 mg): Crude protein min 0.01%, Crude fat min 0.01%, Crude fiber max 0.01%, Moisture max 3.00%, Natural spearmint flavor 4mg, Thymol 0.1mg

Other Ingredients: Plant Cellulose, Pullulan, Lecithin


Gut health- For small dog breeds or cats - 1 strip once a day 

For medium and large dog breeds - 2 strips per day

Fresh Breath-  Use as needed, with a maximum of 2 strips a day.

*Can be consumed directly or mixed in food or water. Ensure to keep a gap of two hours between each supplement.


When Should You Get Tail Wagging Combo For Dogs & Cats

How to Consume These Oral Strips?

Take an individual packaging and peel off the wrapping. Place the oral strip on your furry friend’s tongue – don't let them chew or swallow it! Typically, the pet supplement will dissolve within 10-15 seconds.

Why Should You Choose Furlicks Oral Strips?

1. Travel Friendly: When travelling with pets, you need to make sure to carry all their essentials as well. One thing you can skip is carrying bulky supplements when all you have to is just carry a lightweight box of pet supplements from Furlicks.

2. Natural Ingredients: Each of these supplements for pets has been created using natural ingredients, ensuring no harm will occur to your furry friend.

3. Convenience: These oral strips are designed for convenience and do not require any additional processes or water. Place the strip on your pet's tongue and allow it to dissolve - no need to seek a glass of water or worry about pills being swallowed.

4. Easily Absorbed: Furlicks Oral Strips are made to absorb quickly. Their unique formulation allows the nano particles to be absorbed quickly, allowing them to enter your bloodstream faster than traditional oral formulations.


How long should I use the Gut Health and Fresh Breath product to see results?

The time it takes to see results from Gut Health and Fresh Breath supplements for pets can vary depending on several factors, including your pet's health condition, and the severity of the issues. With Gut Health Oral Strips you will start to notice visible results within a couple of weeks of consistent use. To improve gut health for dogs and cats, it's vital to administer this supplement daily for 3 months. Fresh Breath, on the other hand, provides more immediate results in terms of improving your pet's breath. Consistent use of this supplement for pets can help reduce dental issues.

Can I give this supplement along with my pet's regular food?

Yes, absolutely. What makes this the best supplement for dogs and cats is the fact that it can be administered directly or added to their food or water.

Is it suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages?

Yes, Furlicks Gut Health and Fresh Breath are suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.

What are the storage recommendations for this pet supplement?

It's best to store Furlicks Oral Strips in a cool and dry place.

Are probiotics beneficial for pets’ gut health and if so which ones are best for my pet?

Yes, probiotics for dogs and cats can be beneficial for your pets' gut health, just as they are for humans. Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, can provide health benefits by maintaining a balanced gut microbiome. One probiotic strain that is often used for pets, including dogs and cats, is Bacillus coagulans. It is a beneficial bacteria that forms spores, allowing it to survive harsh conditions in the digestive tract, such as stomach acid, and help maintain a healthy microbial balance.

Are there any potential allergens in the Gut Health and Fresh Breath product?

The all-natural, allergen-free formula is approved by vets, making it safe for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. However, we insist that you consult your vet before starting a daily dose of these supplements.

Customer Reviews

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pankaj chand
Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend the Tail Wagging Combo. The noticeable difference in my pet's coat, energy, and overall health has been remarkable.

ajay narayan
Happy and Healthy Pets!

With the Tail Wagging Combo, my pets are happier and healthier. Their coat shines, and they seem more active and content.

veer bhan singh
Highly Effective Supplements!

Furlicks' Tail Wagging Combo is highly effective. I've seen a remarkable improvement in my pet's mobility and overall well-being since starting these supplements.

Fantastic Product!

I am amazed at the fantastic results from the Tail Wagging Combo. My pets seem happier, more active, and in better health overall. Thank you, Furlicks!

A Blessing for Senior Pets!

For senior pets, the Tail Wagging Combo is a true blessing. It has significantly improved my pet's joint health and energy levels.