Grooming Essentials that are a Must for Dogs

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Dogs are nothing but cute little dirt magnets. They can’t help but dig up the mud, follow pesky little squirrels in the garden, and make creative pathways to escape the fence. Not to forget the drama they create when you bring them pet products like their favorite toy! All these little adventures with your furbaby necessitate regular grooming sessions. Professional grooming sessions are undoubtedly the best for your pet, but they can burn a hole in your pocket. So the ultimate option is to do it at home. Here are 5 must-haves that enable you to take care of your furball’s furry coat and skin without emptying your bank account.

1. Brushes 

    Whether your baby is a Golden Retriever with luscious hair or a Pug with short-length fur, brushing every day is imperative. Imagine not brushing your hair for a couple of days – it can gather a lot of dirt, and your hair might even tangle up completely. This dense tangling of hair in dogs is called matting and should be avoided at all costs. Mats are harmful to your dog’s skin as they trap moisture and increase the chances of infection and skin allergies. 

    Moreover, brushing every day improves blood circulation, ensuring oxygen reaches every part of your pooch’s body. When it comes to grooming brushes, there is no one size fits all. You need to choose this pet product according to your dog’s fur type. 

    Types of brushes:

    • Slicker Brush 

    These brushes have short and thin wires and are ideal for dogs with medium to long hair. It is ideal for Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, and similar breeds. These brushes work amazingly well to remove the mat. Be careful with these brushes, as they can be painful if you apply too much pressure.

    • Rakes 

    Rakes are special brushes made to get beneath a dog's thick hair and remove dead coats on the dog's skin without damaging the healthy coat. These brushes have two rows of pins that are designed to detangle and remove dead undercoats. It is ideal for thick-haired breeds like Chow Chows and German Shepherds.

    • Bristle Brushes 

    These brushes are designed for dogs that shed a lot. It has a lot of bristles compactly arranged to remove all the loose hair strands without any discomfort. A great choice for pugs, Italian greyhounds, and similar breeds.

    • Pin Brushes

    These brushes feature flexible bristles with a pin at the end. They help remove mats, loose fur, and any accumulated dirt. It's suitable for dogs with medium-length to long or curly hair, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, Schnauzers, and Collies.

    2. Nail Clippers

      Clipping the nails of a pet is very tedious since it is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. When dogs are left outside, their nails clip off naturally when they are hunting or running in the wild. But that is not the case with domestic pets. If their nails grow too long, it can make standing, walking, and running painful and uncomfortable for your dog. Additionally, if their nails get clipped off while playing, it might cause bleeding and require a vet’s involvement. 

      You can prevent all this by clipping their nails once a month. But be warned, as it’s always a very dramatic episode, as pets will rarely let you peacefully clip off their nails. You can, however, benefit from using the appropriate tool. Get your hands on a good clipping tool that does the job in one go and gives you a better grip to avoid any accidents. 

      3. Flea Treatments

        If you have noticed your dog scratching or biting their skin, especially around their hind leg and backside, it could very well indicate a flea infection. These little creatures might not look dangerous, but they can cause nightmarishly scary problems for your dog and yourself. Fleas can cause itching on your pet’s skin and can also act as carriers of deadly diseases. 

        From sprays for topical application to oral medicine, there are ample products on the market that can be used to get rid of fleas or keep them at bay. You can also use pet products like a flea comb made of metal with very fine bristles.  

        4. Shampoo 

          Unlike you, your dog might actually love getting the filth on their body and playing in the mud puddles. This makes shampooing regularly a must. 

          Shampooing their coat regularly kills all the allergens and germs that might cause irritation. Moreover, it improves the quality of their hair.

          Some things to keep in mind when shampooing dogs:

          • Do not use your shampoo on dogs; the pH levels of our soaps may not be ideal for dogs.
          • Artificially scented shampoos are a bad choice for dogs. Such shampoos contain phthalates, which create disbalance in the dog’s hormones. 
          • Avoid purchasing shampoos that contain parabens and dyes. 
          • Select soap-free options that hydrate your dog’s skin without completely removing the oil and moisture. 
          • Look for a shampoo with natural ingredients. 

          5. Natural Supplements 

            Grooming your pet’s coat and skin regularly will certainly play a vital role in improving the quality of its fur and preventing infection. But when all is said and done, it all boils down to one thing: nutrition. 

            Is your pet food providing important macro- and micronutrients that your pooch needs to maintain healthy skin and coat? Natural pet vitamins are similar to supplements we humans have. They provide all the nutrients your dog needs but isn’t getting from its food. 

            Some ingredients to look for in pet nutrition supplements for skin and coat.

            • Biotin 

            Dog skin and coat supplements with this ingredient give your pooch a voluminous and lustrous coat by nourishing the fur, reducing shedding, and healing any inflamed areas. A study was conducted with a sample of dogs of different breeds suffering from symptoms such as dull coats, brittle hair, loss of hair, dermatitis, etc. Biotin treatment for 3-5 weeks cured all skin and coat-related issues in 60% of dogs, and the other 31% showed significant improvement. 

            • Chia Seeds 

            Chia seeds expand in the stomach, keeping your fur baby full for a long time. Additionally, it is a good source of Omega-3 for dogs, which takes care of their skin, coat, and even their hearts. It also helps prevent symptoms of premature aging like grey hair and a thin coat. 

            • Omega-3 and 6 

            Fatty acids like omega-3 and 6 improve skin and coat health, help manage moisture balance, and provide relief from allergies. 

            Wrapping Up

            It is impossible to teach your dog the value of cleanliness, and they might love getting dirty. Of course, we want them to enjoy their small outings, but on the other hand, we also realize that if they don't practice good hygiene, they could get sick. Don’t stress out; use these essential tips for a perfect grooming session at home, along with dog skin and coat supplements, to ensure your pet looks and feels its best.